Rowan's Law Day 2023
Rowan's Law Day 2023
Sep 27, 2023 10:22:53 AM

September 27, 2023, marks the fifth anniversary of our government’s implementation of Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018. This ground-breaking legislation, the first of its kind in Canada, established Rowan’s Law Day to promote concussion safety and awareness, and honour the memory of Rowan Stringer – a 17-year-old athlete who died tragically from the effects of multiple concussions that she had sustained while playing high school rugby. 

Our government has released the fifth Rowan’s Law Progress Report in response to the recommendations from the Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee. This report outlines the successful implementation of recommendations from the Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee and profiles Ontario’s leadership in concussion safety. Concussion safety includes being aware of the long-term impacts that concussions have on an athlete’s physical, emotional and mental health. 

Concussions represent more than one in five Ontario student injuries that are treated by a physician or nurse practitioner. Ontario students who report a head injury are more than twice as likely to report high emotional distress and less academic success. 

Ontario is an international leader in concussion safety, and we need your assistance to build on these efforts. Use #RowansLawDay on social media to spread the awareness across Canada!  

Hit. Stop. Sit.

Know the signs of a concussion.

EN Concussion Signs

Rowan’s Law is just one of the many ways @ExploreON is making sports safer in Ontario. Learn more about what Ontario is doing to improve concussion safety:

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