Ontario Making it Easier to Apply for and Renew Accessible Parking Permits
Ontario Making it Easier to Apply for and Renew Accessible Parking Permits
Aug 24, 2022 12:15:00 PM

TORONTO — The Ontario government is making it easier, faster, and more convenient for people with accessibility needs to use Accessible Parking Permits. Now, Ontarians can apply for, renew, and replace lost or stolen Accessible Parking Permits online, from the comfort of home. Organizations and not-for-profits supporting disabled Ontarians will also be able to take advantage of this full suite of online services anytime, anywhere.

“We are improving our services to make life easier for all Ontarians, especially those with accessibility needs,” said Kaleed Rasheed, Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery. “Having the option to apply for and renew Accessible Parking Permits online will save people precious time and let them focus on what matters most in their life instead of filling out needless paperwork.”

With these new online services, residents can apply for new Accessible Parking Permits, renew Subject to Change permits, and replace lost or stolen permits. This builds on other online services already available, including applying for a traveller’s permit or a motorcycle decal, requesting a change of address, and renewing a permanent permit.

“We are removing barriers for Ontarians with disabilities who are applying for, or renewing, Accessible Parking Permits,” said Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility. “I’d like to thank all those who participated in the testing phase of the application, helping us ensure their voice is captured in the services we are developing.”

Providing a full suite of online options to obtain an Accessible Parking Permit is a major step forward to making services more accessible to residents and organizations supporting those with disabilities. Previously, people applying for an Accessible Parking Permit needed to apply in-person or by mail, taking weeks and requiring needless and time-consuming travel. Organizations and not-for-profits supporting disabled Ontarians can now use the time and resources they would otherwise spend applying for or renewing permits to directly support their community members.

It’s important for Ontarians to keep their Accessible Parking Permit and other government-issued documents up to date to avoid fines or penalties and ensure access to critical services. We’ve made it easier, faster, and more convenient to renew. Customers can go online to renew their licence plate, driver’s licence, health card, Ontario Photo Card, and Accessible Parking Permit at Ontario.ca/Renew in minutes. For those who need to visit in person, ServiceOntario offers appointment bookings to make the visit fast and hassle-free at Ontario.ca/Appointment.


Quick Facts

  • An Accessible Parking Permit is available to an individual with a health condition that meets the eligible health requirements. Accessible Parking Permits can be issued to an individual or to a company vehicle used to transport people with a disability.
  • There are approximately 770,000 Accessible Parking Permits in use. Last year, ServiceOntario issued close to 255,000 permits.
  • In addition to online options, Ontarians can also access services by mail or in person at a ServiceOntario location.
  • Reminders for renewal are mailed to Accessible Parking Permit holders.
  • Digital reminders are available for renewal of licence plates, driver’s licences, health cards, and Ontario Photo Cards. Convenient digital reminders by email, text, or phone call are a simple and fast way to get notified 60 and 30 days ahead of expiry. Signing up is quick and easy online at Ontario.ca/Reminders or call ServiceOntario at 1-800-387-3445 (TTY 1-800-268-7095).
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