Ontario Continuing to Reduce Red Tape to Help People and Businesses Thrive
Ontario Continuing to Reduce Red Tape to Help People and Businesses Thrive
Oct 19, 2023 1:39:10 PM

TORONTO — Today, the Ontario government introduced the Less Red Tape, More Common Sense Act, 2023 which, if passed, would help improve services for people and reduce costs for businesses. This bill is a key part of the province’s Fall 2023 Red Tape Reduction package which also includes several regulatory and policy changes to make it easier to interact with government, resulting in as many as 100,000 hours in time savings for people and businesses each year.

“We are reducing red tape by implementing common sense changes that help create the conditions for people and businesses to thrive,” said Parm Gill, Minister of Red Tape Reduction. “Our Fall 2023 Red Tape Reduction package builds on more than $939 million in gross annual compliance cost savings we’ve achieved to date, strengthening Ontario’s position as a key player in the North American and global economy.”

With the proposed legislation, Ontario is making meaningful changes to help open doors to new economic opportunities and reduce unnecessary burdens for individuals and businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, universities and colleges, school boards and hospitals.

The Less Red Tape, More Common Sense Act contains 32 new burden-reduction initiatives, including:

  • Improving government forms to reduce the paperwork demands on physicians, which will free up time for physicians to put back into their practices.
  • Streamlining the submission requirements for generic drugs to improve access to more treatment options for patients.
  • Creating more pathways into the skilled trades and attracting more apprentices to in-demand trades, preparing Ontario’s workforce for rewarding life-long careers.
  • Enhancing consumer protection by ensuring consumers have the information they need to make informed decisions when buying and selling vehicles.
  • Amending the Ontario Heritage Act to make it easier and faster for faith groups to alter their places of worship to meet their unique needs.
  • Amending the St. Lawrence Parks Commission Act to save time and costs related to routine easements over St. Lawrence Parks Commission land.

As the Ministry of Red Tape Reduction continues its work, people and businesses are encouraged to visit the Red Tape Portal at Ontario.ca/redtape and submit their ideas on ways the province can continue to make it easier to access services and do business in Ontario.

Quick Facts

  • This is the 12th Red Tape Reduction package and the 11th Red Tape Reduction bill introduced by the Ontario government since 2018.
  • To date, Ontario has taken over 500 actions to reduce regulatory burdens — all without compromising health, safety, or the environment.
  • To share an idea to reduce red tape in Ontario, visit Ontario.ca/redtape.


"Reducing and streamlining forms can help ease the significant amount of non-clinical work physicians perform each day. We recommended a review of unnecessary and cumbersome forms in our Prescription for Ontario: Doctors’ Solutions for Immediate Action. We have been pleased with the collaboration between the OMA and the government on this and we look forward to continued momentum to address administrative burden. Our members are spending up to 20 hours of their work week completing administrative work and we hope these efforts will free up time to provide patient care and improve the quality of life for Ontario’s doctors."

- Dr. Andrew Park
OMA President

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